Monday 18 January 2021

I now sell things

If you're a regular reader of my blog then you're probably here either because you're professionally involved in edtech in some way and so feel obligated to keep abreast of the sector, or because you just like niche stats and charts about school information systems. Either way, I now sell products and services which may interest you.

To be more specific, I offer bespoke sector research and consultancy via my company (Edtech Experts Ltd), and also license two products:

  1. The English state school Management Information System (MIS) dataset that underpins my blog. I now have eleven (count 'em!) years of data on MIS market usage broken down by schools. The data includes a row per year for each school, with a flag whenever a school switches, plus information on the school's phase (e.g. primary/secondary), pupil numbers, postcode, type (e.g. academy/LA), MAT affiliation and MAT size (if relevant). 
  2. A jam-packed, 50 page report on the UK MIS market, which includes: 
    1. A recap of the past year, including a summary of the major acquisitions (and hoo boy were there acquisitions in 2020).
    2. A tonne of analysis on MIS market stats which goes well beyond the blog. This is my favourite bit to write so I really go to town.
    3. NEW customer satisfaction data, including some fascinating and NEVER BEFORE SEEN customer satisfaction headline data from the lovely people at Teacher Tapp, who also collect and license some very valuable data on the MIS market. Oh, and vendor app review data which is also intriguing.
    4. A taxonomy of what's in a MIS, which is a surprisingly philosophical question.
    5. Analysis of the big players in the market and their range of products / module coverage.
    6. Vendor profiles for the major MIS.
    7. Information on UK MIS procurement, including how MATs / LA schools buy a MIS.
Get in touch if you're interested in any of the above. Prices are reasonable I swear, and I do hefty discounts for MIS vendors (because they're nice people and the report is better for having them in the loop) and researchers / smaller companies (because I've been there). I'll also gladly do free, no-obligation sneak previews of both products on a call, if that helps you understand what I've got. 

Oh, and more reports are coming soon covering other areas of edtech, so watch this space!

For more information, give me a shout on Twitter, LinkedIn or via email.